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June 17, 2010



Newport Beach, CA – June 17, 2010 – American Vanguard Corp. (NYSE:AVD) and its subsidiary Amvac Chemical Corporation today announced plans to introduce a new crop protection product that inhibits the growth of sprouts on potatoes.  This new product (trade name SmartBlock ™) provides safe and highly effective control of potato sprouting during the typically lengthy storage phase of potato processing.

Originally, licensed from Washington State University, Amvac Chemical has developed and tested this technology over the last five years.  Efficacy trials conducted worldwide have demonstrated excellent product performance when used individually or in conjunction with existing treatment methods. 

SmartBlock is a “green” biopesticide, a naturally-occurring molecule that has an environmentally friendly toxicity profile. The active ingredient is already approved in numerous countries as a direct food additive and flavoring agent in many processed foods.

Several versions of the product are under review, including a 98% active formulation which is designed to be used in current warehouse storage thermal fogging systems; and two emulsifiable concentrates for the direct spraying of fresh potatoes-which typical occurs in potato packing operations. Because SmartBlock functions to inhibit sprouting after it commences, this technology gives storage managers great flexibility regarding when to begin potato sprout control and how many (or how few) treatment applications are required to achieve their desired result.

The registration filing for this product has been submitted as a joint-registration package in the United States and Canada, and approval is expected by the second quarter of 2011.   Additional registrations will be sought in other key markets including Japan and the European Union.

Kyle Coleman, the Commercial Product Manager for SmartBlock commented: “Among its many appeals, SmartBlock can provide superior protection with fewer applications, and requires no additional capital equipment investment on the part of customers.  This product is easily substituted as a superior replacement to the existing use of CIPC technology.  It is a safe, highly-effective, minimal residue means by which potato storage operators can safeguard their inventory and preserve its premium quality. 

Mr. Immaraju, the Technical Product Manager for SmartBlock commented: “Our field trials thus far have been very successful across work done in the USA, Canada and several European countries. I will be introducing this new technology at the Edinburgh Scotland potato conference on June 22-24, 2010.  A summary of the product benefits and a synopsis of recent test results will be presented at the conference.”

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