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2017/18 Overview American Vanguard Sustainability Report

We at American Vanguard Corporation are committed to global leadership in sustainability and recognize the importance of our role and effect on the planet – from our local communities to the global environment. We are committed to safely and responsibly operating our manufacturing facilities, developing our products, and managing our footprint. Throughout our organization, we strive to improve the lives and well-being of our employees and those in our communities, as well as our customers. Our corporate sustainability strategy is built on several core values, summarized below, and detailed throughout our 2017/2018 Sustainability Report:

  • Safety – Our “safety-first” culture starts within highly-regulated manufacturing plants, continues into the design of science-backed products and extends to market-leading delivery systems.   
  • Making a Difference – By rewarding achievement and giving our workers a voice, we attract employees who want to make a difference in their careers, in the company and in the communities that we serve.   
  • Raising AgChem to Precision Ag – Building upon decades of improved formulations, application methods and delivery systems, we have entered the realm of precision agriculture with SIMPAS™, a new technology that enables growers to prescriptively apply multiple crop inputs only where they are needed, thereby maximizing yields while improving the environmental footprint.   
  • Stakeholder Engagement – We recognize that the key to being a good corporate citizen is open and continuous engagement with our many stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, partners, university and other researchers, peers, communities and investors.  
  • Stewardship and Conservation – We use data-backed programs to manage our resource consumption and emissions and strive to minimize our carbon emissions, efficiently manage utilities, conserve resources, and ensure responsible disposal practices.
  We welcome your feedback on this report. Please send your questions and comments to: Kelly Willmott, Director, Environment Safety & Health at and William Kuser, Director, Investor Relations at

2017/2018 Sustainability Report PDF