2022 Corporate Sustainability Update: Safety

AMVAC holds safety performance as a core tenet in supporting our ability to operate in the communities in which our factories are located.

We compare against the total recordable rate (TRR) for our industry (NAICS) and seek to perform better than this benchmark. Our industry has been between 1.6-1.8 TRR.

Injury rates increased in 2021 versus prior years due to two factors.  First, we renewed our commitment to a timely understanding and response to all injuries. To do so, we asked for more inclusive and thorough reporting.  Upticks in TRR are expected when renewing such commitment. Second, OSHA requires tracking of injuries and illnesses that occur at work. The data reflects COVID-19 cases that are spread at work.

On a positive note, 2021 performance has improved from 2020, helped in part by improved COVID protocols at all locations.