Green Solutions from American Vanguard

American Vanguard® is dedicated to providing our retailers and farmers with effective GreenSolutions™. Through an ever-expanding portfolio, we have made great strides competing in this important and rapidly growing segment of the global crop protection market. With direct operations in the United States, Central America, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and Australia, and distribution partners in Europe and Asia, American Vanguard has the market access capacity to service the global crop protection market.


American Vanguard and our eight major operating units are developing a market access model to serve major crop segments around the world. Our strong presence in key crop segments, such as corn, cotton, potatoes, peanuts and recent expansion into soybeans and rice, along with our leadership in greenhouse/nursery and turf markets, gives us the ability to provide better solutions to the retail channel and end-users.

We take pride in having the foresight to gather cutting-edge technologies through the acquisition of companies such as Greenplants™, TyraTech®, Envance Technologies®, OHP® and more. Our place in the global biological marketplace is stronger than ever with the ability to offer more than 100 green solutions globally including the newest biofertilizers, biostimulants, microbials and biochemicals. Additionally, we fund university research and are a 15% stakeholder in Biological Products for Agriculture (Bi-PA).

AVD GreenSolutions global


GreenSolutions for Latin America

AGRI Center offers a number of GreenSolutions™ products for producers in Latin America, including Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and Panama.
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Improving Soil Health

Biological products developed at Agrinos®, an American Vanguard Company, improve soil health by regenerating the soil microbiome and improving plants’ efficiency to draw carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In the U.S., the Agrinos products B Sure®, iNvigorate®, and UpLift® are distributed through AMVAC and its partnering retailers. Also available through AMVAC U.S. is Ecozin® Plus 1.2% ME, a botanical insecticide/nematicide approved for organic farming on all food and fiber crops.
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Specialty Solutions Provider

AMGUARD™ Technologies is American Vanguard's specialty solutions provider serving pest, turf, ornamental and vector markets. AMGUARD's entity brands include OHP®, with biological insecticides for the greenhouse and nursery markets; Envance Technologies™, which creates partnerships, technology and turnkey innovation for AMGUARD entities, AMVAC®, Procter & Gamble, and others ; and TyraTech®, an innovative R&D and intellectual property generator.
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Biological Products for Mexico

BioAMVAC (Mexico) offers cutting-edge biologicals including bio-fungicides, bio-insecticides, and growth regulators.
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Greener Input Solutions for Producers

Greenplants®, an American Vanguard Company, offers a robust portfolio of micronutrients and agronomic solutions for a wide range of crops. The AmGreen portfolio of biorational products, which can be used in combination with conventional chemistries, features regenerative agriculture management solutions that reduce water use while effectively irrigating crops and supporting crop yields.
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Prescriptive Application of GreenSolutions

Coming soon to the U.S. market is prescriptive application of biological products using SIMPAS® (Smart Integrated Multi-Product Prescription Application System). This will further enhance the use of biologicals to protect and enhance soil health.
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