About AVD

what makes us American vanguard®

For more than five decades, American Vanguard® has delivered proven answers for the ever-increasing needs and complex challenges of farmers, producers, landscapers, turf managers, pest professionals, and public health officials around the world.

From our global headquarters in Newport Beach, California, USA, we operate a wide range of businesses in the U.S. (AMVAC®, AMGUARD™ Environmental Technologies) as well as in Australia (AgNova Technologies™), Brazil (AMVAC do Brasil); Latin America (AGRI Center™), Mexico (AMVAC Mexico), and globally (Greenplants®, Agrinos®).

Embracing the meaning of vanguard, we drive the growth and sustainability of agricultural products for human and animal consumption, natural fibers, and alternative fuels through a successful, unwavering strategy focused on:

With much progress comes much responsibility. We recognize the importance of our role and effect on the planet — from the global environment to enhancing the overall quality of the communities where we live and work. American Vanguard is committed to providing a more sustainable future by safely and responsibly operating our manufacturing facilities, developing our products, and managing our footprint.