American Vanguard is Committed to Diversity

Our diverse workforce is critical to the success of our business, and our employees are attracted to our friendly environment and culture of innovation, creativity, and flexibility. We share our employees’ commitment and drive to make a difference in the world through positive contributions to science, agriculture, and society around us. We strive to recruit, cultivate, and retain the best people to work in a supportive environment where all employees can flourish. We value the sharing of ideas and the initiative to speak freely at all levels of the organization. Continually improving the way we work together and develop our skilled workforce and leaders remains a focus for our ongoing success.


In mid-2021, the company analyzed the racial composition of its domestic workforce and determined that out of 382 employees, approximately 12% are Hispanic and 18% are African American. Thus, while the Hispanic race is underrepresented within our domestic workforce, African Americans are overrepresented (about 1.5 times the U.S. national average). Interestingly, on a global basis, out of our 770 employees, nearly 30% are Hispanic. While this is just a rough, first cut at the composition of our workforce, in the future, we will test for additional factors, including gender representation and pay-gaps.

Human Rights Policy

American Vanguard respects and supports human rights, both within and without our operations. We believe that it is fundamental to our corporate responsibility and, indeed, to our humanity, that we recognize, respect and nurture the freedom and dignity of all persons. To that end, we support the tenets of the International Bill of Human Rights, including the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human rights, the UN framework on Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights (which is one section of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights), and the UN International Labor Organization on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

American Vanguard’s human rights policy covers:

  • Working Environment
  • Equal Treatment and Inclusion
  • Environmental, Safety, and Health
  • Security
  • Forced Labor
  • Child Labor
  • Business Partners
  • Neighbors
  • Non-compliance
  • Responsibility