SIMPAS®: A Game-Changing, Next-Generation Precision Ag Technology

SIMPAS® Application System

Developed by AMVAC, an American Vanguard Company, and Trimble Powered, the SIMPAS® Application System allows farmers to prescriptively apply multiple products in-furrow simultaneously at planting. With SIMPAS, farmers pay only for as-applied acres so they can profitably and sustainably address pressure areas that would otherwise go untreated. The system also supports environmental stewardship with precision product application, fewer inputs in the field, reduced worker exposure, and forensic-quality traceability, simplifying the adaptation of conservation management practices for farmers.

SIMPAS®, introduced in the U.S. in 2021, is a crown jewel among American Vanguard's Precision Ag Technologies. It is a game-changing, next-generation technology that is poised to transform the application of in-furrow crop inputs – fungicides, nematicides, insecticides, plant and soil health stimulants, and micronutrients. SIMPAS, through precision application of an array of both crop protection and bio-nutritional inputs, is able both to defend and nurture the farmer’s crops.

A Powerful SIMPAS Ecosystem

SIMPAS ecosystem

SIMPAS technology is based on field prescriptions developed by professional agronomists, allowing farmers to simultaneously apply, while planting, up to three in-furrow products, in liquid and/or granular form, expecting to increase to six inputs in 2022. Using AMVAC’s proprietary ULTIMUS™ software, SIMPAS controls the application rate of each product on every row and at every location in the field. The result: Farmers can isolate and spot-treat individual areas of pest pressure by applying only what’s prescribed, precisely where it’s needed. This allows them to optimize input efficiency and target yield improvement by addressing spatially distinct agronomic issues or problems.

SIMPAS in Indiana
SIMPAS-applied Solutions SmartCartridge Containers

Farmers benefit as well from SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ (SaS) – packaged in SmartCartridge® Containers and applied in a manner similar to the way printers dispense ink from multiple ink cartridges. SIMPAS-applied Solutions solve geo-specific problems by treating only the areas where an agronomist has determined the problem warrants treatment. Each cartridge is a self-contained closed-delivery container that is equipped with a radio frequency identification (RFID)-enabled SmartTag™, which enables farmers to pay only for the problem acres on which SaS products were applied. All SmartCartridge containers – empties and partially filled – are returned to the original place of purchase for refilling and reuse.

The SIMPAS system benefits not only farmers but also the environment and the wider food system. Rather than treating entire fields, SIMPAS limits SaS application to only those areas that have been diagnosed as needing treatment. Compared to treating the entire field, SIMPAS reduces a farmer’s treatment expense and the environmental load of crop inputs. It also produces a blockchain-verifiable application record for food company sustainability and traceability programs.

In short: SIMPAS’s combination of precision application, yield enhancement, environmental footprint reduction, and food chain compliance equals true social and commercial sustainability.

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