2023: Corporate Sustainability Report

2023 Corporate Sustainability Report

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At the center of our Environmental, Social Responsibility and Governance commitment is the principle of Sustainable Agriculture. While this concept has been used by many to mean many things, we have given it a very clear meaning. In our parlance, Sustainable Agriculture is broad enough to encompass a comprehensive ESG and Sustainability program, but clear enough to give us direction in our outlook and purpose in our activities.

With this 2023 Corporate Sustainability Report, we reemphasize our commitment to Sustainable Agriculture and the three pillars of climate equity, environmental equity, and food equity. We also report on our progress with our sustainability initiatives and provide an update of safety and environmental metrics at our manufacturing plants and laboratory facilities. To improve transparency, in future reports we will detail plans to expand reporting to include Scope 3 GHG emissions, warehouses, office spaces, and international businesses, as well as social and governance metrics. 


Core Values

We at American Vanguard Corporation are committed to global leadership in sustainability and recognize the importance of our role and effect on the planet – from our local communities to the global environment. We are committed to safely and responsibly operating our manufacturing facilities, developing our products, and managing our footprint. Throughout our organization, we strive to improve the lives and well-being of our employees and those in our communities, as well as our customers.

Environmental Stewardship

American Vanguard is committed to be a part of the global solution to reduce the overall impact on the environment through our focused improvement efforts that minimize energy consumptions, greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation and water consumption at our manufacturing plants and laboratory facilities.
2023 Environmental Update

Safety First

AMVAC holds safety performance as a core tenet in supporting our ability to operate in the communities in which our factories are located.
2023 Safety Update

Making a Difference

By rewarding achievement and giving our employees a voice, we attract people who want to make a difference in their careers, in the company, and in the communities that we serve. Employee engagement was especially critical throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement

We recognize that the key to being a good corporate citizen is open and continuous engagement with our many stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, partners, university and other researchers, peers, communities and investors.

Leading Technology: Precision Agriculture

The SIMPAS® system enables farmers to dispense multiple crop inputs at variable rates according to an agronomist’s prescription, serving to maximize yield while minimizing the environmental footprint. Our Ultimus™ technology enables us to measure, record, and verify crop input activity anywhere on the field. When linked to a permanent ledger such as blockchain, Ultimus can generate a record of a grower’s activity and, particularly when used with our GreenSolutions products and SIMPAS, provides an ideal solution for the carbon credit market. In these ways and more we support farmers' journeys into the adaptation of regenerative soil health management practices that simultaneously improve soil health and environmental benefits.
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Leading Technology: GreenSolutions™

American Vanguard currently offers more than 125 GreenSolutions™ products globally, ranging from biofertilizers and biostimulants to biopesticides and specialty nutrition. Our GreenSolutions line provides not only effective alternatives or complements to traditional crop protection products, but also a number of agronomic benefits including targeted pest control, enhanced nutrient uptake, and nutrient use efficiency. The goal: improved soil health, which not ensures the sustainability of farmers’ soil – their single most valuable asset – but also positions agriculture to make a net-positive impact on the global challenge of climate change
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