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Technology. Innovation. Sustainability.
As a diversified agricultural and specialty products company since 1969, American Vanguard Corporation focuses on crop protection, turf and ornamental markets, and public health applications. But our focus doesn’t stop there. We hone our talent, strategy and seasoned experience to better serve the expanding needs of a modern world. And that’s why we’re expanding too.

Proven Chemistries: Core to Our Business

Time-proven chemical solutions are core to American Vanguard, which was founded in 1969 as a regional contract manufacturer of agricultural chemicals and is now a fully integrated producer of branded specialty products including GreenSolutions™ and precision ag technologies.
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Precision Ag Technologies: American Vanguard Keeps Plant Health on Target

Central to precision agriculture is applying crop protection and bio-nutritional inputs only in the amounts that are needed, where they are needed. This is called prescriptive application, and American Vanguard is an established global leader.
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GreenSolutions™: Our Growing Global Biological Profile

American Vanguard is well positioned for a sustainability-minded future. Our company currently has more than 120 biological solutions globally including 35 specialty nutritionals, 32 biopesticides, 28 biostimulants, and 11 biofertilizers.
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Solutions Provider: Technology, Innovation, Sustainability

American Vanguard has come a long way since its founding in 1969 as a regional contract manufacturer of agricultural chemicals. Today we are a diversified technology-driven company that carries out R&D efforts in chemicals with a focus on synthesis and formulation development, as well as in biologicals and precision application.
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